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Manila Food Review - Patisserie Bebe Rouge

A friend keeps on telling me that "Patisserie Bebe Rouge" is one of the best bakery he went to.  In fact she is telling me that even if the food here is a bit pricey she would visit it again.  So, one time we decided to went there to celebrate her birthday and well guess what I found.

Patisserie Bebe Rouge Ambiance

It was something that is entirely pleasing to the eyes, well perhaps it is because we went during Christmas Season but well this place is still awesome.  Patisserie Bebe Rouge is not a very big place but you can have some quite time and enjoy the various confectioneries, bread, pastries and others that they are serving.  I would have to agree that the pricing is also very reasonable.

Patisserie Bebe Rouge Food

Beef Hayashi Rice (Php295).  This is a Japanese curry rice consisting of beef and onion in a thick demi-glace sauce with red wine and tomato sauce.  No wonder I get a bit tipsy there.  Well joking aside this one is very delicious and very authentic.  The sauce was really thick and the consistency was perfect.

Japanese Curry Rice (Php295).  This one is also very authentic.  The curry sauce is just enough and the taste is not that Chili.  I really love it.

Matcha Latter Glass (Php160).  Probably the best Matcha Latter that I have tried so far.  This one is really very authentic as you can see the grassy taste.  It was also served well.

Strawberry Creme Puff (Php105).  Filled with rich vanilla custard cream, whipped cream and fresh strawberry.  I am not really a fan of sweet cakes but this one is so delicious.  It is just a bit messy to cut and eat but you will surely love it.

Patisserie Bebe Rouge Rating

Well, what should I say, I am giving Patisserie Bebe Rouge a rating of 5.0/5.0.  Yes, that is a perfect rating because I am so impressed with their place and their food.  If you want to disprove me then go for it and tell me why they are not that good.

Patisserie Bebe Rouge Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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