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Manila Food Review: Ramen Metro Blue Bay Walk

Welcome to another Manila Food Review.  I would risk the sensation of the visit, the experience and the taste of this place if I will not write this soon enough.  Just as we are about to watch Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive we dropped by at RAMEN METRO.  With other Zomato foodies we decided to have a taste at their famous seven specialty ramens.

Eating Ramen be like...

I am not a fan of eating ramen.  In fact whenever my girlfriend asks me to eat in a Japanese restaurant I would prefer anything except Ramen.  When I am invited by Zomato to review Ramen Metro, I was a bit hesitant because I DON'T LIKE RAMEN that much.  But ... I accepted it anyway.

Ramen Metro was located at Blue Bay Walk.  This is a place which seems to be in construction like forever.  Anyway, I like the area and I hope it gets done soon.  Meanwhile, Ramen Metro was a medium-sized Japanese restaurant which offers Ramen and other Japanese food.

Now... enter the Ramen.  Mind you, it was not only one but SEVEN SPECIALTY RAMENS.  Can I survive the challenge?

My Ramen Eating challenge

Each Ramen was introduced to us.  Each has its own ingredients and unique flavor.  They were seven in all:

  1. Tonkutsu Metro Ramen - Php375
  2. Ebi Shitake Ramen - Php375
  3. Niniku Chili Ramen - Php350
  4. Mabo Ramen - Php375
  5. Black Ramen - Php350
  6. Negi Miso Ramen - Php375

I only tried 3 of the 7 Ramen to be accurate.  I am on a diet and I no longer need to try everything to give my verdict about Ramen Metro.

My Ramen Metro Food Experience

I tried Negi Miso Ramen, Mabo Ramen and Tonkutsu Metro Ramen.  I really like the tofu and the light flavor of the Mabo Ramen.  If I can eat all of the tofu I would.  I love the flavor that comes with it plus the noodles are really good.

Mabo Ramen is an old classic favorite reimagined by Ramen Metro.  It contains a rich pork tonkutsu broth infused with Moso and shoyu, minced pork, vegetables with right amount of spice, slices of tofu and spring onions.

Next up is the Negi Miso Ramen.  This one is another classic ramen.  I like the unique flavor and taste of this one.  The taste is made possible perhaps because of the negi and aji tamago.  This one also contains a rich pork tonkutsu broth infused with rich classic miso paste with tender slices of chasyu pork.

Now comes my favorite and this one I really love - TONKUTSU METRO RAMEN.  The meat is really very tender plus you can really savor the rich flavor of this one.  This is perhaps their own chef creation.  The ramen contains rich pork tonkutsu broth with tender slices of chasyu pork slowly roasted to perfection - so perfect in fact.  The ramen is topped with inuki mushrooms, negi, aji tamago, menma and nori - no wonder this is so flavorful.

Ramen Metro Verdict = 5.0/5.0

From someone who NEVER LIKES RAMEN this place turned me into someone who WANTS TO EAT MORE RAMEN!  Next time my goal is to try their Japanese Set Meal or Rice Teishoku.  Looking at the menu they are very affordable like the ramen that they offer.

By the way did I forgot to mention that their logo is INSPIRED BY NARUTO?  Well, look closely and you will clearly see it.

Ramen Metro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I would say congratulations to Ramen Metro for making me a ramen fan.  For more information about this beside Zomato you can follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/RamenMetroPh.  Also, don't forget to visit them before August 31 because they have a huge promo.

Have you been to Ramen Metro?  Share us your experience.

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