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Manila Food Review: Burgoo Gateway Mall

Most of us get used to eating at fastfood chains that we forget to check on other restaurants that offer good food at affodable prices.  In this food review of The Products Blog we will take you to Burgoo Gateway Mall.

Burgoo offers you a feeling of American cuisine.  The restaurant has a red motif and a spacious dining area where you can enjoy their dishes.  You will not be bored while waiting for your food because you can draw, color and scribble at your table while you wait.

In fact I have decided to once again draw some art and create a dialogue right in the table while my companion, ranneveryday.com draw a replica of their "Perfect Ending"  ad.  Food preparation usually takes them 15 to 20 minutes.  This is a good wait time since you can have the necessary time to talk with each other and also enjoy the place and do some art.

I tried their Cucumber Shake and it was indeed good.  Whenever I go to a restaurant I usually order this one.  Though the preparation is good and authentic, I would say that the flavoring is not enough for me.  I hope that it would be more flavorful.

Paella at Burgoo

We browsed their menu and the one that really captures our attention is their Paella.  Our only worry when we ordered it that time is that it would not be enough for both of us.  When the Paella arrived we were thankful because the serving was large enough.  The ingredients also was perfect.  It has shrimp, muscles, squid and other ingredients which makes it flavorful.  

Although I would say that traditional Pinoy Paella is better than this one, it is still worth a try.  This version is more of a seafood version since there are more seafood than meet.  Take note that there are also different type of cooking this recipt.

Verdict for Burgoo Gateway Mall

The experience we have at Burgoo Gateway Mall was both memorable, appetizing and artistic.  It is a place where you can enjoy great food and have something interactive to do whie enjoying the food.

We are giving it a score of 4/5.

By the way do not forget to try their wines and cocktails.  Next time we will try them too.  Visit them at the 2nd flood of Gateway Mall or you can call them at 

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Burgoo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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