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Bulacan Food Review: Cafe Plus Plaridel

If you will be going to Bulacan we highly recommend that you drop by at Cafe Plus.  This great food stop is located near Sta. Rita Exit of the North Luzon Expressway.  They offer tons of sweets at a very affordable price.  Try out their brunch offering and let your belly be stuffed with their food.

On our first visit at Cafe Plus

The Sweet Ultimate (P240).  Judging from the price we got something that we were very surprised.  It is a hefty sweet treat with tons of ingredients combined in a very appetizing dessert.  This waffle includes sliced bananas, mangoes and Kiwi, 2 scoops of ice crea, whipped cream, crushed oreas, cornflakes and grahan.  To top it off, they also added chocolate and caramel sauce.  This is really ideal for 3 or more person - an overaload of sweetness I may say,

Peanut Butter Espresso Ice Blended (P120).  Ever wonder how would it taste if you combine peanut butter and espresso?  Try this one and you will find out.  It has a weird taste but overall it is very satisfying.

Iced Latte (P95). A regular iced latte which is also a good one to dillute the sweetness of whatever food you will order.

Green Tea Cheescake (P120).  If you are a fan of Green Tea or someone who is into Japanese culture who puts so much focus on this flavor then go for this one.  It is a green tea cheesecake with Orea crust and whipped cream.

Our second visit at Cafe Plus

Dark Chocolate Espresso Ice Blended (P125).  This one is so perfect, the combination of dark chocolate and espresso was amazing.  Of course there  the taste of dark chocolate is somewhat bitter sweet.  I love this one, it's like love.

Hot Matcha Latte (P100).  A satisfying hot drink with matcha flavor and with a latter art bonus.  The authenticity of the matcha taste was also very good.

Sausage Feast with Hash (P185).  This is one of the most affordable meal I have ever seen.  Well it is a brunch but looking at how big the serving is you cannot consume this alone unless you are so hungry as a beast.

Mango Cream Cake (P110).  A mango chiffon cake with vanilla and whipped cream.  It's again too sweat for me but I love how they prepared it.  You can really taste all of the ingredients specially the fresh ripe mango.

Overall Rating of Cafe Plus Plaridel

Cafe Plus is a very humble place which you might miss when you are travelling to Bulacan.  If you want to visit this place be on the look for it just after Sta. Rita NLEX Exit on the left side.  It is near an events place.

I am giving Cafe Plus a 4.5/5 score.  Do follow them on Facebook at https://web.facebook.com/CAFEplusCBD.

Have you bee to this place?  Share us your experience.

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