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The new 555 Tuna Rice meals review

555 released their newest productm the new 555 Tuna Rice meals.  Their main tagline says "Ka-Eat saan, Ka-Ear kailan" which means eat anywhere and eat anytime.  They also claim that they are delicious rice meals but are they really that delicious?
Filipinos are always on the go and they love travelling.  Most of the time it is a hassle to bring food with rice when you travel.  555 came up with a solution providing a rice meal that has a feel of that home-cooked taste which can give you energy for your busy life.

Century Pacific Food, Inc., one of the leading food manufacturing companies in the country today is the one behind this innovation.  The product was conceived for individuals who may not have the time to cook or prepare meals but would like to enjoy the goodness of lutong bahay dishes at home or on the go. As it already combines ulam and rice in one extra convenient foil pouch, the first of its kind in the market, consumers are sure to enjoy a true kumpleTUNA experience anytime and everywhere, living up to its promise of ‘Ka-Eat saan, Sarap!’’

“The new 555 Tuna Rice remains true to what 555 Tuna is known for—delicious, home-cooked ulam at affordable prices. But this time, we are bringing more to the table—all your favorite dishes complete with rice in one convenient pack so you can have a delicious, filling rice meal anytime, anywhere!” says Greg Banzon, VP and General Manager of Century Pacific Food, Inc. “With the new 555 Tuna Rice,  everyone can now enjoy the healthfulness of tuna and rice, with the goodness of home cooking, all in an easy-to-open, easy-to-carry pack”.

555 Tuna Rice Meal Review

Now, we take the 555 Tuna Rice meal to a test.  When it arrived my kids were very excited since they had been hearing that it was delicious.  Immediately I decided to heat the Afrida 555 Tuna Rice meal and add additional rice. It was a sold out for the kids.  They were really full and happy with the flavor and I would also agree.

Next, we tried the Sisig 555 Tuna Rice Meal and this time I decided to not heat it since there was an option not to.  Most of travelers do not have that option anyway.  I served it to my kids and it was a flop.  They tried one bit and it was left for me to eat all of it.

Unlike the Afritada 555 Tuna Rice Meal, the Sisig 555 Tuna Rice Meal was not flavourful.  It misses the real Sisig taste.  I would say that perhaps Mechado or Caldereta could have been a better choice of rice meal than sisig.

The packaging was superb because it comes in a stand-up foil pouch designs in such a way to allow for space-saving storage.  It is also very easy to bring along and I commend them for coming up with a good packaging.

555 Tuna Rice Meal recommendation

Taking the example from Bogart the Explorer who is the endorser of this product, this one is indeed recommended for those who want a food on the go.  Those who suffer from traffic of daily commute, travelers and those always on the go.

Like Bogart he brings along 555 Tuna Rice meal whenever his hilarious adventures take him.  Catch Bogart as he shares his adventures online and in billboard and banners, an adventure together with this new 555 Tuna Rice meals.

I have yet to try the third flavor which is Tuna Rice Adobo.  The 555 Tuna Rice meal comes in Tuna Rice Afritada, Tuna Rice Adobo and Tuna Rice Sisig.  Each rice meal has an SRP of P27.50.

555 Tuna Rice is available in all leading supermarkets and grocery stores in Luzon. 

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