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Secrets of Anne Curtis and Derek Ramsay revealed

How does actress Anne Curtis and actor Derek Ramsay maintain their ultra fit bodies?  Despite their busy schedule they still maintain the curbs and the abs.  This time The Products Blog will reveal the ultimate secret of Anne Curtis and Derek Ramsay.
We were lucky to be invited to the launching of Superbods Nation by Century Tuna.  It was all about being fit and eating healthy food.  We thought it would be all about Century Tuna and how healthy it would be to include it in your diet but it is not.

The people who attended are privileged to finally hear first hand how Anne Curtis and Derek Ramsay keep themselves healthy.  Here is a video which reveals just that.

That is not the only secret that Anne Curtis and Derek Ramsay has.  Let us continue with this second video and find out what you can also apply for yourself.

For those who want to learn more about how to get fit and build that ABSPlan, you can check out the Century Tuna Superbod Abs Plan at your nearest magazine shop or bookstore.  It is available for just Php250 per copy and contains a 4, 8 and 12 week challenge to burn fat, tone muscle and sculp your shape.

For the fitness tips, let us thank Anne Curtis and Derek Ramsay.

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