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Do More With Less: A Single Dad and His Holiday Experience

How do a single dad with 3 kids manage to have a great holiday celebration last Christmas and New Year?  The secret is very simple as Electrolux says, "Do More With Less."  How?  Read on...

Being a single dad means doing everything handicapped because you do not have a wife to help you.  I am not saying that I do not have a person I love because I have but technically I am alone in most of the things to decide for my kids.

How do you prepare a Noche Buena?  How do you create a festive Media Noche?

If your a single dad or a single parent for that matter, all you have to do is involve your kids.  Let them decide on what to do.  Let them be involve in creating the festivities and the celebration.  This way you will not only help strengthen your family bond but also fill the handicap that was present in a single-parent household.

My 3 kids and I divided the chores among ourselves and since I am the provided I provided the money to spend.  Together with my eldest we decided what to cook and we went to the supermarket to buy ingredients for spaghetti, adobo, salad and more.  It was fun shopping with your kids.

Then when we get back home my youngest and his sister helped out in preparing the food.  We also have that regular exchange of jokes and some teasing to warm up.  We cook the food together and decorate our table with the food... and then we have our family selfie.

It does not matter if you have a small or big family nor does it matter if you are complete or single-parent because what matters is you do more with less and you maximize what you have.

So the next time you do something involve your kids because I learn a lot from that during the holiday season.  Thanks Electrolux for  the idea!

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