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Chips Ahoy and Oreo in One - Enjoy it at Dairy Queen now!

Have you ever imagined what Chips Ahoy and Oreo would taste like when it is combined into one refreshing Dairy Queen Blizzard?  Well, wonder no more as Dairy Queen brings together their new ultimate concoction the Chips Ahoy Oreo Blizzard.

All of our favorites combine into one - Chips Ahoy, Orea and delectable Dairy Queen softserve.  The Blizzard comes in 3 exciting flavors - Double Cocoa Fudge, Strawberry and Mocha.  

We get to taste all of them so lucky for us and well they all taste good.  For my preference however, though I really like Strawberry I did not felt it that much but the Double Cocoa Fudge Blizzard is really great.  I really enjoyed it.  Well even Bb. Pilipinas International Janicel Lubina and Bb. Pilipinas Supranational Rogelie Catacutan enjoyed it too.

This unique DQ Blizzard is now available in all Dairy Queen stores.  For more updates you can follow them on social media, www.facebook.com/dairyqueenphilippines or visit their official website.

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