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Food Review: Cabalen Delicious Filipino Buffet at SM City Baliwag

Cabalen a kapampangan term for "kababayan" is perhaps the home to the most delicious Kare-Kare ever made in the country.  I have known them since I was a child and in fact they are one of the most popular among all restaurants that time.  However, with the rising of so many food places they have to again beat the competition and that's why they are expanding.
Cabalen at SM City Baliwag delivers a refreshing new look at the current food establishments in the mall which opened January 14, 2016.  Their elegant look ith hanging chandeliers and Kapampangan indoor design is something that is uniquely Cabalen.

It was a very personal but joyous celebration as they open their new branch.  All the owners and staff was also present during the ribbon cutting and blessing.  Of course there were lots of food as well.

They offer an all-Filipino buffet which is very Kapampangan in flavor and as most of us know they are one of the best cooks.  You can enjoy the buffet for just Php 334.00 (298.00 + VAT) per head.  If you have children then they offer special discounts as. those below 3ft are free of charge and those height that ranges from 3ft to 4ft will enjoy a 50% discount rate.

Like other buffets, they also offer a FREE BUFFET on your birthday.  For every group of six (of which 5 are full paying) the celebrant will be free of charge.  All you have to do is show a valid ID.

San Fernando Pampanga, along OG Road was the first ever site for Cabalen.  If you are into franchising, you can also have your own franchise of this very refreshing food chain.

Cabalen is no part of a group of food chains which includes Soy, Mangan, Ebun, Salu-Salo, and Eat Pinoy.  Soy would be the first venture which offers Thai cuisine instead of their regular Pinoy related restaurants.

"Our main cook would be Kapampangan but as we expand we open up this opportunity to others, however our training maintains the Kapampangan style of cooking because this is the melting pot of our kind of food in the country," says Chris Reyes of Cabalen.

Truly a food place that you should visit when you come to SM City Baliwag.  As for our food review:

Kare-kare was of course perfect from the sauce to the taste and the meat.  Although the meat is a bit not that soft compared to others, this one makes it more enjoyable to eat.

Lechon is also good, not too oily as well.

Toasted Kangkong was excellent.  I wonder how they do it, it is so crispy.

Ensaladang Talong was also excellent.  I enjoy how they prepared it since it is not too sour.

Carabao Tapa was a bit not very good since it has a bit of an after taste.

Regular Tapa was good and not too sweet like other preparations.

You also get to make your own Halu-Halo from a choice of several ingredients.  I just do hope that they offer a larger glass for it.

Sweet Banana is a very traditional Filipino snack.  This is the first time I enjoyed it outside of the home and it is good as well.

There you go.  Again thanks to SM City Baliwag and Cabalen for the chance to let us experience your food.

If you happen to visit the place do share us your feedback and review as well.

Thanks for reading!

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