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Why do Filipinos love Cebu Lechon during celebrations?

Who wants Lechon?  I do and I am sure you do as well.  Who would have forget Lechon and its importance on our life as a Filipino and in every important celebration that we have.  Have we ever asked why do Filipinos love to have Cebu Lechon during parties?

I know you would say, oh well lechon are all the same and they are all full of cholesterol, so since it is the age of being healthy why still buy and serve lechon?  Filipinos love to celebrate, in fact we might have the most number of festivals, celebrations and parties all over the world.  During those celebration you will see the level of importance of the celebration when there is lechon.  In our culture perhaps it had been a mark of gratitude and thanksgiving, the same that Turkey had been to the western world.

Bloggers get a chance to taste Manong's Lechon Cebu at Blogapalooza 2015

What about the cholesterol?  Would you consume the whole lechon? Of course not, just consume moderately after all you will not be eating lechon on a daily basis, thus just enjoy and celebrate.  

Why Cebu Lechon in particular?  There are many brands of Lechon but if you want something that is crispy, less oily and prepared to perfection then this is the choice.  Cebu had a very particular way of preparing it and it had been their mark in our country's food history.

For your Cebu lechon needs, you may contact Manong's Lechon Cebu at (632)475-6875, Sun: 0932-8805600, Globe: 0927-7839920.  They deliver door to door within Metro Manila.

I was lucky enough to taste their Lechon Cebu during Blogapalooza 2015 and mind you I fall in line 3 times just to get more of it.  Their lechon is crispy and you can really see that it is prepared well.  As I taste it, I can feel a big difference compared to other lechons I tasted before.

Want to find out what's the difference with their Lechon Cebu?  Watch this video:

Manong's Lechon offers very affordable rates starting at P4,900 for their Lechon de Leche which is already good for 20 persons below.  Their most expensive will be P9,800 which is already good for 90-100 people.

"Para sa Pasko, iba talaga ang Tunay na Lechon Cebu!" (for Christmas there is no other lechon like Cebu's lechon).

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