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Tech Update: ASUS welcomes new, exciting and poweful devices

ASUS #MyIncredibleStory is a celebration of what is coming and what is new with ASUS Philippines.  It is a 4 corner story with the ASUS Zenbook, ASUS Vivobook, ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) and ASUS Transformer Book.

After receiving 4,326 awards in 2014 and awards are still coming for 2015 including the coveted CES Innovation and Engineering Awards and OF Design Awards, ASUS continues to deliver impressive and innovative products that will definitely have a place in the market.

More than 100 bloggers and media people flocked to the event held at Valkyrie in BGC Taguig to vie and witness the launching of ASUS #MyIncedibleStory and indeed stories can be made truly incredible.

The ASUS ROG GL522 – The Choice of Champions

The most notable for me perhaps is the ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) series.  The new ROG series enhances gaming to a whole new level and can compete head on with other brands.  All of the designs contains High-end graphics cards, Full HD display, backlighted gaming keyboard, ergonomic gaming keyboard, superb audio, gamer-friendly storage, easy-access instant upgrades and more.

ASUS Zenbook series is a view of slim design, beautiful specs and fast computing. For example the ASUS Zenbook UX305 has ultra-thin and light design weighing only 1.2kg and is just 1.2cm thin yet it has a stunning display at Quad HD touchscreen which is 72% NTSC compliant.  In addition, it has up to 10 hiurs of battery life with powerful performance specs with up to 8Gb memory, ultra-fast 512GB SSD storage, high-speed 802.11ac i-Fi connectivity and three USB 3.0 ports.

The ASUS Transformer Book meanwhile is your all-in-one device which can be used in multiple ways.  It can be a powerful laptop, a shared viewer, a multimedia stand or a responsive tablet.  It makes your life easier by adjusting to your needs and your situation. Just imagine a netbook that you can detach the screen or rotate full 360 degrees and is still a powerhouse when it comes to specification.

ASUS Vivobook is a more personal yet powerful notebook from ASUS.  In summary it gives you exciting designs, multimedia that takes you away, instinctive interaction, and always-connected living converge in innovative products and services.

ZenAIO is perhaps a PC that you would mistake for a Mac, yes it is strikingly similar to it.  During the event we were introduced to ASUS ZenAIO Pro Z240 and it is indeed a powerhouse with its ultra-slim design yet very powerful ammunition and hardware.

The event really is an eye opener that indeed technology is getting smarter, better and more compact and the price range is not that much.  Perhaps hardware and production are getting cheaper and soon it will indeed be an interconnected home.

I had been using ASUS for quite some time and had reviewed some of their products as well.  My ASUS EeePC is still very much operative after 4 years of continued and strenuous use.

A toast to ASUS and a toast to more things incredible.  For more update on ASUS please visit https://www.facebook.com/ASUSph.

Toast with the ASUS Managers and Ambassadors (L-R: RJ Ledesma, Jackie Tai, Calum Chisolm, George Su, Steven Cokeng, Arisse de Santos and Eric Gubatan)

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