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Get Free Nights at Hotels from HotelQuickly - Book Your Hotels Quickly!

What would you say if you can get hotel accommodations to your favorite hotels at a discounted price by just using your smartphone?  With a single touch and a single app you can enjoy discounts as high as 28% and event more not only in the Philippines but across Asia Pacific.  How is it possible?  Introducing HotelQuickly.

Nope, that's not Hotel "Quicky" but "Quickly".  You no longer need to be contented with quick stays because you cannot afford the cost of hotels - now you can get discounts and enjoy their full service.

The Products Blog was among the first to inform you of the launching of HotelQUickly in the Philippines last March.  Today, this service had been used by more Filipinos and is giving them the comfort and convenience that they had never experience before.

Ho to start enjoying discounts from HotelQuickly?
  1. Download the App
  2. Make a Reservation.  Just choose a city and pick your hotel, submit your name and payment details, and the app will send an email confirming your booking.
  3. Get a Free Night.  Invite your friends and get a 10 USD credit each time they book their first reservation; accumulate credits and treat yourself to a night for free.
Why should you use the app?  The answer is very simple, if you want to enjoy hotel accommodation from the best 3 to 5 star hotels on an average of 28% cheaper than other online options, then you should do your bookings via HotelQuickly.

Let's get honest here, whenever I want to spend time alone and romantically with the girl I love, we would often decide to go check-in but most of the time the hardest part is finding the right place that would be affordable and romantic.  Upon discovering HotelQuickly, I am all smiles because finally this app would help us a lot.

My dream would always be to have a staycation for 24 hours at a very romantic location, with pool, free wi-fi and more.  Here is what the app recommended.

Upon opening my screen I was already amazed with the affordable prices I see on screen.

I tried to check The Maxwell Hotel in Cebu which has the cheapest price at only P971.31.  It is very affordable for one night of stay from 2pm - 12pm the next day.  HotelQuickly also gave me details of the room, their facilities, some quick guidelines, reviews about the hotel and a quick map to get to the hotel.  Very convenient indeed.

The final step would be to confirm the booking  and paying your reservation.  You can pay either via Credit Card, Debit Card or Paypal.  Also take note that there would be certain taxes and fees that would be applied to your booking.

Overall, HotelQuickly is truly an innovative up that is recommended for all.  Enjoy finding hotels quickly!

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