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Revolutionary Pizza Hut at Kia Theater

We all thought that New Frontier Cinema will never be a venue to talked about again but that will never happen as Kia Theater opens soon in the same location plus just this 23rd of July a new revolutionary Pizza Hut Kia Theater concept store opens.  It is a Pizza Hut store so unique that you would surely visit often.
So what's so unique about Pizza Hut Kia Theater?

Pizza Hut Kia Theater Unique Design.  It is different from the rest of the Pizza Hut branches with its unique and innovative design.  It is the only branch with an open bar, an open kitchen with exclusive kitchen for Pasta and for Pizzas.  I would say it is very illuminating and very comforting compared to the usual Pizza Hut that you will see.

Pizza Hut Kia Theater Unique Menu.  Pizza Hut is all about Pizza plus a bit of pasta but never will you see a branch that has mojitos and wine pairing.  This is why Pizza Hut Kia Theater has a very unique menu for it has a wide variety of wine selection that can be paired with your usual steak dinner.  It also has an open bar where you can try out their various drinks.

Pizza Hut Kia Theater Unique Location.  Situated at the former New Frontier Cinema, this branch will soon be a centerpiece of the new Kia Theater.  Kia Theater will soon be showcasing various cultural events that aims to revive cultural appreciation in the Metro and Pizza Hut will be there to serve their own unique blend of food.

I had been a fan of Pizza Hut since I was a child and I would definitely say that this new concept store is a hit for someone like me who is looking for a place where you can just experience about anything with your love for Pizza.

"New frontier, new beginnings," as the main tagline on their menu says and indeed it is a new beginning for a Pizza Hut concept store that I think will surely be a hit to customers.

Here are some of the food from Pizza Hut Kia Theater which we managed to savor a bit.  I enjoyed the Mai Tai mojito drink which gives you a light heat upon intake while the Lemon Grass Shake was also very organic and natural.  I jusy hope the straw for the Mai Tai was bigger because the mango bits tend to clog the straw.

Carbonara and Spaghetti.

I know there are other restaurants who offer this kind of presentation in their soup but this is the first time I encounter it.  Quite a big bread and the soup is very good.

Now this is part of the unique menu.  Look at that big burgers with french fries... yummy.  Pizza Hut Kia Theater also has a new version of the ridged fries which seems to try to differentiate itself from a similar offering of a competitor.

The Mexican Burrito below seems to be borrowed from its sister company Taco Bell, and well it has that distinctive taste that makes it good.  The Hungarian Sausage was also good though compared to a place I've been in Podium, it needs some improvement.

 They still offer their famous Pizza of course and I enjoyed the Hawaiin.

 Now this one I think is their Stake and well I would say I love the combination.  I am just wondering what kind of cheese they use for the sidings seems there is a funny taste and smell to it.

If you happen to be in the vicinity fo Araneta Center or you just want to experience this one and only revolutionary Pizza Hut store then please come and visit Pizza Hut Kia Theater located at the former New Frontier Cinema just across Shopwise (former Fiesta Carnival).

For the latest updates you can follow Pizza Hut on social media, @pizzahutphils and www.facebook.com/PizzaHutPhilippines.  Don't forget to use their hashtag #MakeItGreat.

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