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PLDT Ultera lies to Consumers?

PLDT Ultera is perhaps the greatest lie that PLDT had committed according to various consumers.  PLDT asked consumers to switch to the new plan promising better services and better speed than their previous connection only to find out that it is slower and worst it has bandwidth cap.We are wondering why products like this can get away with false promises and still to continue their operation?  Is the National Telecommunications Office (NTC) not acting on lies like this?

Here is a post from Facebook which caught our attention, we are posting some of the comments.

What can you say about PLDT Ultera?  Truth or fiction?

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  1. PLDT is under thumb of the Trans Pacific Partnership that Obama drip fed your President which is nothing more than a fascist takeover of the country, its infrastructure so that the chinese could come in and rewire the PLDT system for net censorship, spying. Note the brainwashing of the Telpad and Famcam campaign making everyone think warm and fuzzy thoughts while Filipino homes are being wired for the ultimate in spy applications and live view of what goes on in your own home.

    PLDT is not here to service you, they are here to make money on you while taking away your freedoms, privacy and self respect.