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Food Review: Demystifying BAGNETified at SM City Marilao

Curious about the many reviews I heard about BAGNETified!, I asked SM City Marilao if they could allow us to review the newly opened branch of BAGNETified! at their mall.  Luckily, we were allowed and here is what I have to say about this restaurant.

My family and I went to BAGNETified! SM City Marilao, August 21 and eventually had a wonderful holiday celebration.  We were given BAGNETified FEAST OF OF 4 (Php990) consisting of Bagnet Sarap, Sizzling Pork in BBQ Sauce, Pinakbet Bagnetified, Bagnetified Rice and 1 Pitcher of Cucumber Juice and Bits.  I told myself, my children would be the best judge for this food review since their taste is very meticulous and at the moment they do not like a food they would really tell me about it.

Before we begin our food tasting we were given one of their appetizers, Cheesy Bacon Dynamite (Pho129).  It was not the first time that I have seen and ate this kind of food and I would say their is not bad but for me it is a bit pricey maybe because of the bacon.

What immediately caught our taste buds was the Cucumber Juice and Bits (M-Php59 | L-Php69).  This one is probably the best juice I have ever tasted on all my food reviews.  Once you sip it, you will feel the taste of seven heavens just like it was done by the wonder cook in the anime Cooking Master Boy.  In fact, we requested another pitcher because it was heaven-like.

Sizzling Pork in BBQ Sauce was also commendable.  It was crispy and yet it has a distinct taste that makes you recognize that it was not just bagnetified pork.  Their Bagnetied Rice (Php199) was a meal on its own and it is even better than the chao pan that you can buy at your favorite fastfood, in fact it was about 10x better.

Pinakbet Bagnetified (Php269) was also great.  It is your usual pinakbet but with a twist.  I am just recommending that you do not make this wait since if you do not know yet as liquid infuses on the pork it will definitely affect the pork’s crunchiness.  Perhaps this is why, some would say that it is no longer crunchy.

We were also presented with Sisig Bagnetified (Php289), and perhaps again this is one of the best sisig that I have ever made a review of.  The crunchy pork make it a very ideal substitute for the usual sisig which tends to be hard and burnt in a sizzling plate.

Kare-Kare Bagnified was also good, then again please do not make it wait for too long because the natural sauce of it might cause the crunchy pork to lost its crunchiness.  Bagoong was great although I hope it could be a better one.

The OIC of BAGNETified SM City Marilao informed us that the bagnet can be asked to be separated from the dishes like kare-kare and pinakbet, however, come to think of it what’s the used of getting it bagnetified if you will not experience it in its original form?  So better have it as is and follow our recommendation.

All along I was thinking why are they named BAGNETified?  When you look at the dishes you will see familiar Pinoy dishes.  Then these dishes are converted into a bagnetified version, thus, BAGNETified creates new dishes from the original dishes we all love and add a taste of Ilocos, your favorite bagnet.

Are they original?  Definitely they are original.  They are the first restaurant I see which recreates Pinoy favorite food into its bagnet version.  When asked if they use the original bagnet recipe, the OIC immediately said that they are not an original bagnet restaurant because they get it from the commissary.  

My take on BAGNETified?  It is a very creative and unique restaurant that makes the food we love more interesting, however, if you just want to experience the original Ilocos bagnet then do not rant on them because they are giving us a different unique food which they definitely are good at.

About my kids and what they say about what we eat.  They love it all and not a single food remained at the table after we are done.  I would say I never found anything worth complaining about.

We will definitely come back at BAGNETified! SM City Marilao.

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