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Looking for Business solutions? Mustard Seed caters to all your business solution needs.

SAP, payroll, accounting, CCTV, door access, computer servers, POS, retail security tags and anti-shoplifting devices, barriers, bollards, parking systems, architecture and construction software, biometrics, printers and copiers - are just among the many business solutions provided by Mustard Seed Systems Corporation.  The company is becoming a one-stop-shop for business in the Philippines.

The company was established on September 1999 mainly to sell MYOB Accounting system to small and medium businesses.  It even started as a duo of two friends which later on grew and become the supplier of various business solutions to more than 14,000 companies.

Mustard Seed's own Payroll alone is being used by more than 6,000 companies.  It is one of the pioneering Philippine-grown Payroll system which is always updated with the latest government requirements particularly with those needed by the BIR and other government agencies.

SAP also recognizes Mustard Seed as one of its preferred and top partners in Asia Pacific and Japan.  In 2015 alone the company received two distinctive recognition from SAP, 'SAP Business One Top Partner Award' and 'SAP® APJ Partner Excellence Award 2015 in the Category Small Business Solution Innovation.'

The full length of business solutions offered by Mustard Seed Systems Corporation starts from business construction up to business processing and integration.  It offers construction and architectural software ZWCAD, as well as design and fit out solution to make the most out of your office.  Mustard Seed also launches BFT Parking and Security Systems in 2015.  BFT iis top automation company in the world with over 30 years of experience.

Despite the challenges Mustard Seed aims to be a one-stop shop for business in the Philippines by becoming the leading provider of management solutions, services, and products, helping small and medium enterprises make the most of their business.  

"We want to increase customer's efficiency and profitability by making their business processes easier and by providing best in class products, keeping in mind our commitment to God's greater glory, the betterment of our employees, shareholders and society in general," says Mustard Seed in its Mission.

The new concept stores that can be provided by Mustard Seed through Essential Brands Group SEA
Mustard Seed continues to evolve as a company dedicated to service Small and Medium Businesses (SMB).  It is really a pleasure and honor to know them since there are very few companies like them who are giving effort to provide dedicated service to SMBs.

Affordable Network-attach storage for Small and Medium Businesses through QNAP
So next time you are looking for a business solution, try Mustard Seed Systems, the one-stop-shop for business in the Philippines.  Visit them at their website www.mseedsystems.com.

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