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Food Panda discount voucher madness

Foodpanda Philippines, one of the fastest online ordering system for various restaurants is going into another surprise for its customers.  We all know that Foodpanda turns 1 this june right?  Because of that voucers as big as P1,000 will be available to the fastest and lucky foodpanda user.  How?

In an hour and a half, limited vouchers of BIG, BIG, BIG amounts will be up for grabs and only the fastest panda can take home the grandest amount of P1000!

What amounts are they giving out?

5 uses10 uses10 uses20 uses40 uses50 uses100 uses

How can I use them?
  • Pick one voucher among the rest and use it at your checkout!
  • If it turns out to be invalid, try another one
  • You can use different values on your account but never the same value of your successful order
 So what are you waiting for, go visit Foodpanda now!

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