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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

K-Yan: An All-in-One Device

An audio system, a television, a computer and a projector, all in one device. Is it possible? Yes it is. With K-Yan, all the mentioned devices above is combined in a big black box.

K-Yan (short for Knowledge Yantra) is an innovative technology platform which combines functionality of multiple devices in a compact unit. With its portable design and easy-to-use features, the K-Yan offers an unparalled user experience - be it in a classroom, a training organization or within the comfort of your home.

K-Yan is being used to learn, engage and entertain people in India, Africa and South East Asia. It has different features on which every user will find K-Yan easy to use and very convenient.

  • Television - K-Yan converts into a large screen TV when connected to a set-top box.
  • Movie Theater - Enables a home theater-like experience with large screen projection and superior audio.
  • Gaming - K-Yan can be connected to various gaming consoles delivering a life like gaming experience.
  • Communication - Equipped with a web camera and Internet connectivity, K-Yan facilitates video conferencing.
  • Knowledge Classrooms - Pre-loaded with 2D/3D multimedia content, K-Yan facilitates better understanding concepts.
  • Computer - Installed with a CPU inside with pre-installed Windows 7, up to Intel i3 Processor and 4GB Memory upgradable up to 32GB.
It's special feature is you can convert any wall into an interactive board with no additional infrastructure required. You won't be needing a LCD Projector Screen and what's surprising is that, the actually screen is interactive - meaning, you can write anywhere at the screen and press command and call-to-action buttons.

Here's a video on how the interactive board feature by K-Yan works:

It's a perfect device to use especially for schools and in office. You won't need to bring a projector, a projector screen and a laptop whenever you have a meeting or a topic to discuss to your students. All you need to do is to bring K-Yan, tun the power switch and you are ready to go.

K-Yan interactive pen used to write and click for K-Yan's inteactive board.

K-Yan is distributed by Vinea Distribution Inc. here in the Philippines. To know more about K-Yan, visit www.vdidistribution.com

Written by Ranne of Ranneveryday ヅ
Visit her blog: http://www.ranneveryday.com/
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