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Food Review: Be Healthy at Healthy Day Cafe, Restaurant and Spa

Banawe was known as a destination for car aficionados.  The moment you turn right from Quezon Avenue you will see cars after cars after cars.  Little did we all know that right across that same street would be a restaurant that offers something very different, a rare find in the city.  Healthy Day Cafe, Restaurant and Spa is a health conscious restaurant that changes the definition of the usual "heatlhy restaurant" we all know.

When I was first invited to the Zomato foodie meetup at Health Day and I was informed that it was a healthy resto, I immiediately thought that it was vegetarian.  When we catually went there that percepcion did change.  Being healthy does not always mean being vegetarian.

Zomato bloggers enjoying food at Health Day
Healthy Day operates its own plant incubator.  It is an indoor gardener which operates automatically and simulates the weather.  It grows vegetables and some needed ingredients for juices at a pollution free and chemical free environment. This in return gurantees the good quality of the food they have to offer.

So what food does Healthy Day, Cafe, Restaurant and Spa offer?

My food exploration at this healthy restaurant began with an inquiry into their coffee.  Why coffee?  Well it is because I do work as a Digital Marketing Officer for someone who sells coffee machines, Essential Brands Group South East Asia (EBG SEA) that's why I have the eye for coffee.  I would say that I am impressed with both their dark roast and mild roast coffee.  Their barista is good as well.

They are not unusual, let us take for example one of my favorites, KANI ROLL.  It is your favorite Jananese style Kani roll but only this time it was roughed in vegetable and made more healthy.

Another favorite would be their DILL CRUSTED SALMON.  It's oozing salmon is cut from the healthiest part of the Salmon avoiding the fatty parts of it.  You will fall in love with it the moment you taste it.

Among their juices I like their BERRY DELIGHT and the STRESS BUSTER.  These juices taste really organic and you can really smell and taste the main ingredient used for them.

Tons of healthy drinks to choose from

Wait before I forgot I also tried their coffee and it was really great as well.  If ever you will order coffee do try both their mild roast and dark roast coffee.  Their barista is also very good, I hope they can also make some latte art soon.

LEMON MATCHA, MOZARELLA TOMATO SALAD and PASTA WITH ROASTED ASPARAGUS are some other favorites which I have to add to my list.  How did they taske, well they taste really good and as the usual restaurant customer I am sure that you will enjoy it.  Most restaurant goers are not keen to the very detail of their food but are more into the enjoyment of the food and the affordability, both of which these dishes passed the test.

Healthy Day prides itself with some of the most unique drinks that I have seen.  These are all truly healthy and yet truly enjoyable.  Some of these drinks includes Caramel NuttyChilla, Oatmeal MochaChilla, and Go-go Juice.  I was not a fan though of the one with the Oatmeal, hehehe.

Presentation wise, the dishes at Healthy Day are really yummy.   Chicken Salpicao w/ Garlic Brown Rice and Chicken Rouland w/ Wild Mushroom Ristto presents the usage of organic brown rice into the main course.  Unlike the usual rice this one is a bit sticky.  Remember that brown rice are grown organically and are often more expensive than the regular one.  Taste wise it is just the same but I think it is more heavy as well.

Healthy Day also uses potato mash in some of the dishes.  Take note it is potato mash and not mashed potato, meaning these are real potatoes cooked into perfection and not powdered potatoes.  FILET MINON WITH GARLIC POTATO MASH and SPINACH PUMPKIN WITH SALMON are truly lovely and yummy paired with them.

Though I am not a fan of HEALTHY DAY SALAD, I would say it has a very unique taste which gives you the message that you are eating healthy food.  PORK RISOTTO is also another must try.

For their desserts we were given MANGO CUCUMBER SOUFFLE and STRAWBERRY SOUFFLE.  It is a dessert enclosed in oatmeal.  The outside layers of the cake is harder than usual but nonetheless it serves the purpose of giving support to whats in it and it adds greater health benefits to the otherwise usual highly calorian desserts of usual restaurants.

All in all, Healthy Day is a highly recommended restaurant if you want to experience food that is indeed healthy and yet you are not a fan of vegetarian dishes.

If you happen to visit Healthy Day do share with us your experience by posting a comment below.

You can visit and check Healthy Day at Zomato for more information.

Thanks for reading.

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