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Changing FashionTrends in the Philippines

Jejemon Fashion
How to we determine what's in and what's not in the Philippines?  How to someone say that what a person is wearing is trendy or not?  Would the price of a clothing be considered as part of it being in or not?  These are some of the questions that lingers on my mind as I dwell into the though about the changing fashion trends in the Philippines.

Jejemon Fashion.   Not to be funny or a prejudicial person but one of the most common fashion trends that I see is what I called, "the Jejemon fashion."  These includes wearing a loose cap with huge letterings on it, loose dress and very colorful clothing.  I do not know if it comes with the hip hop or funk culture but I see a lot of teens being into this fashion trend.

Television Fashion.  When I say "television fashion or look," I refer to those who try to imitate their idols like Daniel Padila, Sarah Geronimo, Bea Benene or even Charice.  These fashionable people would go to the extent of really looking like their idols even physically.  Hmmm, I remember Herbert Chavez on this who really went into physical operation to look like Superman.

KPop Fashion
KPop Fashion.  Well, this is very common from one or two years ago already.  Teens trying to dress up like their favorite KPop icon.  A lot of my friends are into this and they feel very good about it.  I wonder if I would consider my daughter to also be included in this category.

Japanese Fashion.  Cosplay had been on the mainstream and we would also often see people that tries to blend cosplay and Japanese fashion into the daily life.  Some like Alodia and Ayumi succeeded in doing this, well, even Myrtle did it during her stay at Pinoy Big Brother.  Imagine if you could actually wear a cosplay costume 24/7... hmmm... I don't think so.

Men and Women's fashion are also evolving.  Zalora for example gives us some peek into the latsest Men's fashion.  To see more of men's fashion at Zalora Marketplace, click here.  This will definitely give you an insight about latest trends on Men Fashion.

What about for Women?  Well, fashion setters could likewise check out other sites and browse for the most trendy fashion on the latest issue of our favorite magazines from Summit Media.

Coult this be the next Philippine fashion trend?  Photo from welscua.blogspot.com

I am sure that the kinds of fashion are not limited to the ones presented above, so don;t hesitate to share your ideas and fashion trends.  This list only shows that the fashion trends in the Philippines is changing dramatically.

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