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Residence Inn, a Residence Shared with Animals

Residence Inn in Tagaytay City is not just your ordinary residence in the highlands of Tagaytay where you can enjoy the cold weather and the scenery.  It is a residence that will give you a chance to see both wild and domesticated animals.  A rare chance in a place that combines good living conditions for both humans and animals.

I know that some would say that these animals should be released in the wild, well we agree with that but at the same time shouldn't some of them be domesticated in order to educate humans?  I am sure that the management of Residence Inn, Zoomanity Group is taking care of all these animals.  If not then that is another question.

Crocodiles, tigers, monkeys, camels, fishes, reptiles and lots more about Residence Inn.  You can also interact with them directly.  Get yourself close to a real snake and even take a photo with it or get a chance to feed a really huge tiger.  Damn both of those experiences were really one of a kind and well exciting.

There was this place were you can see rare animals including spiders, snakes and fishes that were totally amazing.  The best part of it is that they are not only displayed for exposition purposes but each display contains vivid information about these species.

Residence Inn Tagaytay also boast itself with a great scenery.  It is directly overlooking Taal Volcano in Batangas.  You can experience their zipline and cable ride for an affordable price.  Food is also very handy at the inn although prices are of course a little pricey, like most upper class residences in the city.

I would really recommend staying at Residence Inn if you will ever visit Tagaytay City. It is an extraordinary experience that will add thrill to your experience in this cold city of the south.

Thanks to Zoomanity Group for inviting us to this one of a kind experience.  Visit www.zoomanity.com.ph for more details.

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