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Paradizoo: A Nature Destination Worth Visiting

The focus of the Philippine government is not so much into agriculture and yet it is an ultimate satisfaction to see places where agriculture is being given such a high attention.  Paradizoo in Mendez, Cavite is the epitomy of an ideal agriculture setup.  It is an 11-hectare agricultural land which features livestock, flowers and vegetables.

If you are looking for an educational trip destination which is very informative then Paradizoo is the place to be.  This year they re-unfold "Power of ThREE" (floral, vegetable, and agri-livestock) which will run from January 10 to March 14, 2015.  There will be new learning each week as Paradizoo tries to impart Best Practices in agriculture.

Paradizoo let's you interact directly with animals and even get a chance to ride their mini-horses.  You can even feed them and have a relaxing foot massage with their fish doctors.  Their staff imparts the knowledge on how these animals became useful and what products can be derived fro them.  They will even teach you how to milk a goat... now that is interesting.

 The bee and butterfly area is also very informative where you get to see their life cycle.  Although I love science this is the first time I learned that butterflies got to live for just 2 weeks and that is depending on their size.  The smaller the butterfly, the shorter the lifespan.

Flowers also abound Paradizoo.  These flowers are arranged in staggering floral designs composed of varieties such as Marigold and Sunflowers.  It makes the whole place shine like a paradise in the highlands of Cavite. You can also buy some of the flowers for a very reasonable price.

 To complete the farm, Paradizoo also plants vegetable which you can see abound the farm.  This is according to them done using the best practices of farming.  What I did not ask however is if they do practice organic farming which for me would totally be great to be passed on to the younger generations.

By the way we are also taught how to make Pineapple Jam and well it was surprisingly very easy.  You just need sugar and pineapple.  We will post something about it later on so that you will also know how to do it.

In conclusion, I would recommend Paradizoo to everyone who want to experience the best in agriculture.  This is really a paradise in a soo hence PARADIZOO.

Here are more photos of Paradizoo:

The wedding reception area at Paradizoo
Outstanding creativity is what makes this place enjoyable.
This is a giant worm!

 So what do you think of this place?  Thanks to Zoomanity for inviting us to visit the place.

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