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Unboxing: ECS Liva - Mini PC Kit

LIVA, the world’s smallest Windows-based mini-PC kit is now here in the Philippines. Offering all the features of much larger PCs plus the latest Microsoft Windows 8.1 support, the LIVA Mini-PC is a complete solution for modern digital living, general computing, flash-based casual gaming, and basic applications. So what's inside the Liva Mini PC Kit box? Let's do our unboxing.

Liva Mini PC Kit is perfect especially for those who love to assemble things or a Do-It-Yourself-er since you need to assemble each part to complete Liva. Inside the box are all the things you will be needing to assemble Liva (except screw drivers, of course). The model we have here now is the eMMC 32GB. Let's narrow down what you can see inside the box.

Motherboard - This palm-size motherboard is the heart of Liva.

This motherboard is based on Intel Bay Trail-M System-on-Chip (SoC). This latest Celeron processor is a multi-core SoC that intrgrates the next generation Intel Processor core, graphics, memory and I/O devices into one solution. It is equipped with a set of I/O ports at the rear panel, including once DC_IN port (micro USB 2.0, 5V), one VGA port, one HDMI port, one RJ45 LAN connector, one USB 3.0 port, and one USB 2.0 port.

Antenna (Long/Short) - The cords of these antenna are different from each other for better reference. The Black one is the longer one while the gray one is the shorter one. These Antenna will be attached to the Wifi/Bluetooth card.

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Card - (Key E type) together with a mini screw, this Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Card is to be attach to the NGFF card slot at the underside of the motherboard.

Power Adapter - 5V/31A/15W DC Adapter that can be interchange with either APD-US (flat) plug or APD-EU (rounded) plug.

Chassis/Cover - For this 32GB model, the chassis/cover of Liva is black while the 64GB model is color white. You don't need any screws to attach the covers together. You just need to carefully lock them in place.

User Guide/Quick Installation Guide/DVD - inside ECS Liva box are the guides on how to assemble and operate Liva. From assembling the hardware, to BIOS set-up until the installation of operating systems.

Liva Mini PC Kit may be hard especially for those who are not into assembling computer hardware devices. But as announced to their Press Launch here in Manila last year, Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) will be providing a ready-to-use Liva for everyone sooner.

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Watch out for our blog post/videos of our Liva assembly and product review.

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