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I Showered with Coco Scandal

How would you react if you discovered something very new?  How would someone really react if you knew that this is about something you really look up to?  The latest "Coco" shower scandal is definitely something that I have never expected to happen.  Tons of people went into the frenzy of getting their selfies taken with the tag, "I showered with Coco."  Who is Coco or what is this frenzy about coco?  Is it about a person or something else.

You might be depressed or mad to know that this is not about Coco Martin nor it is about a real Coco Martin Scandal but rather about something very innovative when it comes to bath soap.  Dial had come up with the integration of coconut into their body wash and bath soap.  It incorporates the hydrating and skin nourishment capability of coconut into these products and into our body.

I personally joined the frenzy and reviewed these products myself and I can guarantee that it truly is what it says.  It has no strong pregrant odor and all natural plus it helps your body get cleansed and remove those sticking germs when you take a bath.  Truly you will say, "I showered with Coco!"

Dial Coconut Water line of body care products is all natural and is the first of its kind in the consumer market.  These products make use of coconut water found in young green coconuts, complemented by bamboo leaf extract,   

Being rich in anti-oxidant, Dial Coconut Water soap and body wash gets rid of harmful free-radicals that makes skin look older and unhealthy.  It's all natural scent compliments what our body really needs and makes you feel fresh all day long.

It is also worth mentioning that Dial received two prestigious awards this year:
  • Product Of The Year 2014: Winner Female Personal Cleansing Category – Dial® Coconut Water Body Wash. Survey of 50,138 people by TNS.
  • Product Of The Year 2014: Winner Kids Body Care Category – Dial® Kids Peachy Clean Body Wash. Survey of 45,086 people by TNS. 

Dial Coconut Water is now available at all leading supermarkets and department stores in Metro Manila. For more information about their products please do visit www.dialsoap.com.

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