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Business Awards Scam: Philippine Product Excellence Awards

How would you feel if your business received a confirmation that you will be given an award for product excellence?  Certainly you would be happy and gladly accept the award which certainly gives a seal of excellence to your company.  However, would you not think if an award like the Philippine Product Excellence Awards is a scam or not if they are asking you to pay P15,000?

Why is the Philippine Product Excellence Awards a scam?
  • An award should be free and given out of pure decision to give token to something that is done in an outstanding manner, however they are asking a contribution of P15,000 per awardee.
  • Philippine Product Excellence Awards has no registered website.
  • RAM EventsTraining Center which said to be organizing the event has no website nor track record regarding the awards.  It's registered address is at Veterans Village, Proj. 7, Q.C, Quezon City - 1105 with e-mail [email protected] (http://www.bestjobs.ph/bt-empd-arman.htm).
  • There is NO National Council for Product and Service Quality in the Philippines.

So if your business or company receives an e-mail from them saying that you are being invited to the awards night of the Philippine Product Excellence Awards please report it immediately to the authorities and alert your company.

The particular e-mail might be coming from Mr. Luis Tan, Awards Coordinator with contact number 509-7225 / 453-118.

Business scams like this should be made known to the public.  Just imagine how much they can get from businesses who would believe that this award is legitimate.  Please do share this article and let people know.

Are you one of the victims of the Philippine Product Excellence Awards or have you received an e-mail from them?  Share it with us.

Thanks for reading!

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  5. I just received an invitation from this claiming thay my company is a recipient of such award. And yes... I can confirm that they do ask for 20k pesos just to get awarded.

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