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Teppanyaki Xpress: Xpress Temptations

Fisher Mall at Quezon Ave. may just have the right name for it lets us fish a very good place to feed our craving for food.  The new Teppanyaki Xpress at the mall surely is mouthwatering with their very own Japanese dishes and original recipes.

They offer a standard set of dish which includes 4 food on the menu: (1) a soup, (2) rice, (3) meat or sea food, and (4) vegetable.  All of this at a very affordable price.  Mind you also this set is good for more than one person, that is if you don’t have a big craving for food.

To start our food experience at Teppanyaki Xpress we were served with green tea which does not even look green!  Well, I know… green tea is not really green but it was very soothing and comforting.  After serving the green tea, next was their Miso soup and it was very good as well.  At least my experience of soup here really comes to the proper consumption of soup which is at the beginning of the meal and not at the end when it is all cold already.

One of the most memorable food I saw at Teppanyaki Xpress was “shisu..”, “sizizu..”, well anyway it’s a pregnant fish so forgot the name because I can’t remember it.  This pregnant Japanese fish is something worth tasting because although it looks like the local Filipino dried fish the taste was different and exquisite.

Maki at Teppanyaki Xpress also comes in different flavors and presentation.  For sure you will like every one of them.  There’s the sweet one, the chili one and the exotic one.  Whichever you choose, I can assure you that you will not regret it.

Another food which I definitely love is Angus Beef.  Their Angus Beef was really soft and tasty.  This is the first time in my life that I ever tasted such a beef and I am sure that I will definitely crave for another one.

There was also a food cooking show for every foodie that attended the Zomato Foodie Meetup and the chef was really very good.  Well, not quite because due to his excitement and perhaps it  is his first time to be in front of the observant eyes of bloggers the egg fell down when he was performing the egg dance.  Luckily for the chef the camera of one of the bloggers was not harmed.

Teppanyaki Xpress currently has one branch in Fisher Mall but the very young owner of the place announce that they will be expanding in 3 other locations.  These locations include SM Megamall, Bonifacio Global City and Clark in Pampanga.

If you want to experience the goodness of Japanese food made even better by seasoning directly from Taiwan then you should head out to Teppanyaki Xpress.  IF the food is bad then it is on me just don’t make me pay for it alright?

Thanks for reading and enjoy the food.

Also, sincerest thanks to the peepz at Zomato Philippines for inviting me to their foodie meetup.  For great food don’t forget to sign up at Zomato,

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