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Discover the secret to longevity and health in the Philippines

Long and healthy life is a dream of every Filipino and everyone is in search for how that can be made possible.  This year, leading Japanese nutraceutical company Fine Co. Ltd. of Japan is launching a new product that promises such a thing - the Premium HyC 150.

Premium HyC 150 is a product which is said to work from within the body, making it more effective, sustainable and safe to use.  The product contains substantial amounts of Hyaluronic Acid (HA).  This compound is ever present in the tissues of our skin and helps hold moisture in the body, reduces skin dryness and hydrates the joints to prevent joint problems related to aging such as osteoarthritis, even cataract and other infections. Also, Premium HyC 150 contains Collagen which helps the skin retain its natural flexibility. 

The arrival of this product is indeed a good news for Filipinos since it is a promise of better health and a longer life.  Filipinos can avail this very promising product through  local firm Bright Ray Enterprises, the official distributor of Premium HyC 150.  They had been appointed as part of its efforts to reach more Filipinos as possible.

There is now a strong demand among Filipinos for products that will not only help them live longer but also help them maintain a glowing and healthy skin. This growing market prompted us to bring Premium HyC 150 to the Philippines, and coupled with the expertise of Fine Co. Ltd. of Japan, Filipinos can now look forward to delaying the effects of aging and live a healthy and fulfilling life where they can reveal their new youth through flawless and youthful skin,” says Imelda Manook Tesalona, RPh, President of Fine Nutrition International Trading, the local subsidiary of Fine Co. Ltd. of Japan.

What other nourishing factors can be found in  Premium HyC 150?

  • Elastin, a protein that allows the skin to “spring back” and keep it resilient and firm. Biotin, on the other hand, helps keep skin, mucosa, hair and nail health, and helps ease eczema and dermatitis.  
  • Pearl Coix extract,  serves as a detoxificant and promotes clear, fair and luminous skin, while Vitamin C, a natural antioxidant, helps repair the body’s natural collagen and maintains the strength of our body’s tissues.

HyC 150 is now available in Watsons stores nationwide. For more details, visit www.HyC150.com or follow us on Twitter #HYC150 and like us on www.facebook.com/HyC150.

Here is a bit of background information from Fine Co. Ltd. of Japan:

Fine Co. Ltd. of Japan is the main manufacturer of  Premium HyC 150.  This company is one of the leading nutraceutical company in Japan known to manufacture, research and develop excellent beauty and wellness supplement products that help restore youthful glow to the skin. Established in 1974, the company is known for its top-notch manufacturing processes, beginning with research, production to inspection, all of which are done in-house in their four manufacturing plants located in various areas in Japan. Its factories, all equipped with the most up-to-date, high-tech equipment, are capable of producing 1.7 million capsules, 50 million tablets, and 7 tons of granulated powder daily.

In fiscal year 2013, Fine Co. Ltd. of Japan posted more than JP¥ 2.6 billion annual sales (around P1.06 billion), further highlighting its success in the wellness and beauty markets. The company also showed a reputation for manufacturing natural health-food supplements with ingredients sourced out from various plant and animal sources. Out of these sources, Fine Co. Ltd. of Japan developed food products, health-food supplements, beverages and cosmetics through outstanding product research and consistent high-quality manufacturing standards in order to help contribute to a better, healthier society.

At present, Fine Co. Ltd. of Japan has established an international footprint through its products in several countries such as the USA, Hong Kong, South Korea, China and Vietnam, and of course the Philippines.

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