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Share A Coke in the Philippines takes on a different approach

I first found out about the #ShareACoke Campaign when I did encounter coke in can labels which has "Share a Coke with Crush" and "Share A Coke with Sweetheart."  Then, I also found out that there was actually a Share A Coke Campaigned launched by Coca-Cola all over the world.  The idea of the campaign in my mind seems to actually personalize your bottle of Coke or is it buy a Coke, see the name and then share that bottle with that person with the name in your bottle?

Quite confusing right?  In the Philippines all you have to do to get your name on a Coke bottle is to personalie it in a Coke Vending Machine solely made for that purpose.  In Great Britain however, Coca-Cola had printed over a thousand of names and nicknames in Coke bottles including "Dad", "Mum", "Sis" and "Bestie". These names can be found on 330ml cans, and 1.75L bottles of Coke.

The campaign in the UK is more personal since Coke themselves did swap the entire logo of Coke for various names,
We’re swapping our name with yours – and this time we’ve got even more names and even more ways to share!  We’ve introduced over a thousand names to take the place of our iconic logo on Coca‑Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero products this summer.

So why not do it as ell in the Philippines?

Perhaps, the major problem Coca-Cola Philippines had is the sheer number of names they have to come up with to have an effective campaign.  There are tons and tons of Filipino names since we are using various methods in coming up with a name.  Would COke print names like "Tasyo", "Kulas", "Wigberto", "Tonyo", etc.?  What if someones name is not on a bottle, how would that person feel?

Thus, Coke came up with an entirely new idea and that is to allow Coke customers in the Philippines to personalize Coke bottles.

Here are the steps on "How to get personalized Coke bottles" from a fellow bloggers post:

  • BUY: Any Coke Regular, Coke Zero, Coke Light, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Royal Tru-Orange, Sarsi and Sarsi Light 330ml, 500ml, 1liter, 1.5liters and 2liters from participating malls and supermarkets worth PhP 150.00 single receipt per consumer
  • GO: To the redemption area located after the counter of the supermarket
  • CHECK: Have your receipt checked by Coke Marshalls
  • GET: Share a Coke Stubs from the Coke Marshalls
  • PROCEED: To Coke vending machine for personalized Coke
  • TYPE: Your name (8 letters) in the touch screen of the Coke vending machine
  • GET: Your personalized Coke Bottle
  • QTY/PERSON: Only four (4) Coke Personalized Bottles are allowed per person, per receipt, per day
  • WHERE TO REDEEM: Schedule for printing of personalized Share a Coke bottles is from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. Valid stubs may be claimed and personalized bottles may be redeemed only on the date and at the Share a Coke activation venue where the receipt was issued.

I would love to personally try this and have my name "Dave" and "Shen" placed on the label.

Share with us your Share a coke personalized bottles and how does it feel to have your name in it?  Who do you shared your Coke with?

If you would be asked, which campaign would you choose?

Well for me, it is quite obvious I guess and my name is quite popular as well.  Look for my name in this video as well :)

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