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You might be buying and eating cancer and toxics

In time when there are many choices of what to buy and what to eat.  Tons of restaurants, fast food chains and even street vendors offer mouth watering and delicious food.  However, until yesterday I refuse to acknowledge facts, which I had been stumbling around on the net for years.  I dismiss these facts as just hoaxes and black propaganda against these products.

I was invited by a friend to attend a medical symposium because of my condition.   I have Bell’s Palsy since December 2013 and had been recovering since then after theraphy and steroids.  There were many people at the symposium and I was surprised.  The doctor was there and he is discussing about what medicine is supposed to be and what puzzles him about medicine.

Then later on he presented this slide, which made my eyes wide open and I was in shock.  Why?  Well the reason is, simply because I have eaten almost all of those in the list which are labeled as, “10 Cancerous Foods.”  Then, I was even shocked to find there, “Ice Cream” and “Hamburger” which are two of my favorite, add to that is Pizza.  Well, okay I would admit I like all of them except chicken skin.

Why are they cancerous?  Well simply because they contain ingredients, which aid the development of cancer.  You would say, “I don’t mind as long as I live my life and die happy.”  The reality is that we can say that now because we are healthy but once we are sick I am sure that you will say that you should have listened.

What is the most deadly ingredient among all of these?  Trans Fat or “hydrogenated vegetable oil.”  This one aids the development of not only cancer but also heart disease.  Examine the oil used in most of these foods and you will see recycled oils used several times in the spirit of “saving money.”

I was also informed that there are around 15,000 toxic chemicals allowed to be used in our food production.  Weird right?  Among these chemicals some of the most harmful are:

  • Sodium Nitrate, and yes this is your vetsin or Magic Sarap.  Use it regularly and you will have a magic sickness.
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Trans Fat
  • Plastics.

Talk about plastics, I never really paid attention to that triangle with arrows usually located at the bottom of the plastic.  Well, now please do not ignore them because they are DPA markings.  DPA is used to strengthen plastics and if you see DPA #3 of DPA #7 then please do not use this for any food handling or if they are food containers please do not eat the food from them.

After learning this I take a look at the plastic plate and container we use at home and luckily it was BPA #5.  Anyway, I still think I should remove all there plastics.  Anyway, here are random check of BPA I made.

Container of Peanut Brittle rom Baguio BPA #4

Gerry's Grill water bottle BPA #4

Baby Power continer BPA #3

The cases of heart disease, cancer and diabetes are increasing in the Philippines not because we are ignoring health campaigns but the reality is we are not well aware that the usual food we eat are the real agents of these diseases.  Even during consultation we are not told for example that if you are diabetic what is bad is too much sugar but not actually eating sweet foods.  

What if pharmaceutical companies, who produce synthetic drugs are also the agents and real beneficiaries of an unhealthy world?  Is it possible?  You tell me.

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  1. Yes it's a first vitaplus doctor he explained me also how to cured my diabetis of this juices with five herbs, malungay leaves, dahon ng sili, uray, saluyot and talbos ng kamote