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Waking Up to 7-11 Breakfast: Pasta Lasagna

7-11 (Seven Eleven) offers a bunch of ready to eat breakfast which comes with drinks already and they are very affordable.  Though, I can save more choosing their breakfast deals, I decided to try on their Pasta Lasagna.  Well, it looks yummy.

Pasta Lasagna at 7-11 costs P49 and it comes with garlic bread.  It is a little bit small serving and well it is not recommended for those who wants a heavy breakfast.  The taste I can say is close enough to the real deal though this one has a bit of preservative and had to be heated again in their oven.

Recommended serving should be together with Gulp.  Well, their drinks there is not that expensive so go for it.  If you are on the go this is one of the meals I recommend but do not do it on a daily basis because once again, eating fastfood always is bad for your health.

Damn, that Pasta Lasagna is so delicious and I want to eat it again!

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