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SM Mall of Asia Amusement Park

I just know that there was a big and tall Ferris Wheel at Mall of Asia but I never knew that there was an entirely new Amusement Park located at the bay side.  This discovery came to my knowledge after being invited by SM Cinema to the advance screening of 300:  Rise of an Empire at IMAX.  John Dwight and I not akin to go home immediately explored the bay side and we discover this great and exciting place.

So the place is called, SM By the Bay: Amusement Park.  There are tons of exciting rides, although not all are familiar rides and we came during a low peak day, I am sure that these are enjoyable ones.  Some of those which I did recognized and already tried before were:   Viking or Pirate, which is like a boat wherein you will be swing up and down while riding it and it is a thrilling experience;  Bungee Fun, where you can try all sorts of exhibition and stunts;  Space Shuttle, where you will experience an out of body sensation; Cruise By the Bat, where lovers will have one romantic experience; and lots more.

Ride fees ranges from P40 to P500.  The glass made Ferris Wheel was probably the most expensive where you can choose the Regular or VIP Rate.  I think if you have a date or a special someone this one is really a good choice.

For those who want to spend a romantic evening on a boat why not try the Manila Bay Cruise.  Well, the waters in this area are not that clean anymore but come on a cruise will be very sweet and memorable one.  There are no foul smells anymore so it is quite an exciting and heartwarming experience.

If you want to experience riding techie equipment then you can ride these trolley across the venue.  I did not ask how much the rent is but it will surely be an additional experience to try it.  You can choose from any color.  I think the rate is on a per hour basis.

How much should you prepare in order to experience this exciting amusement park at the Mall of Asia.  Well, my advice is not to go alone but to go with someone else.  If you prefer a full experience then prepare at least P2,000 to P3,000 to experience most of the rides.  If you just want to have a romantic evening then the Ferris Wheel and the Cruise Ship are the top choices.  Foods are plentiful at the bayside area.  There are rice meals, pop corn, French fries, drinks and even bars across the area.

Padi’s Point and two more bar are open near the area and you can drink and have fun till early morning.  When we visited the area these venues are full and overflowing with great music.

If you are looking for a fun night with thrilling experience then do visit SM BY THE BAY AMUSEMENT PARK.

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