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WARTUNE Game Review

Have you seen a lot of those WARTUNE ads lately?  What exactly is Wartune and why would you play it?  Well here is a very straightforward and simple review of this Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) for you.

First and foremost, WARTUNE is a browser-based game.  This means that you don;t have to download any client to your local computer.  Since it is a browser game, you could expect that it will run virtually on any descent machine.  In fact, I am playing WARTUNE on my netbook which practically is incapable of playing most MMORPG.

WARTUNE is a combination of many sort of things.  Among the key features which I like with this game are as follows:
  • City construction
  • City plunder
  • Battleground (player vs player like DOTA)
  • Arena Solo and Party (which is like a PVP but is turn-based)
  • Quest and Dungeon System
  • Character building from enchanting weapons to runes to talents.  Although I have yet to see the rune and talent system.
  • Blacksmith system.  Well I like the idea of enchanting, refining, recycling, converting and synthesizing.  Seems a lot of things to do to your weapons and items.
  • Guild system.  This game has a very mutually enhancing guild system.  Well you need to contribute gold to the guild in order to get guild skills plus I have not seen yet but perhaps those contributions will be used to level up guild enhancements.
  • Farming.  Well you have a farmville like farming system where you have to help your friends to get weeds and worms off their farms and also energize their Tree of Ancients.

WARTUNE is typically a game which is based in the North American territory but perhaps is looking to expand worldwide.  It's main source of income is the BALENS which you have to pay in cash.  Balens would allow you to buy a VIP pass or even cool clothing and mounts.

If you decide to become a VIP in Wartune your time limits particularly in upgrading your buildings will be eliminated and there are more daily gifts from logging in.

One of the things I dislike however in WARTUNE is that there is no trading system yet.  So if you have weapons not for your class even they are Unbound you will not able to trade it.  Since there are Unbound items however perhaps there will be a "trade" patch later on or it is locked to higher level players.

For those who ant to play WARTUNE just visit www.wartune.r2games.com and login using your Facebook account.  You can message me at Iron Grotto server, my username is shenBROOD.

There you go for my initial review of WARTUNE.

(Rub your magic 8 gently)

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