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CS-S Battle Pad H2: Amazing Mouse Pad

CS-S Battle Pad H2: Amazing Mouse Pad.  An immovable mouse pad.  That is how I describe CS-S Battle Pad from Cooler Master.  The CS-S Battle Pad is one of the latest innovation from CM Storm which aims to give gamers full experience and capacity during gameplay.  Whatever you do they are simple immovable.

The CS-S Battle Pad is engineered especially for on the go gamers, who need a smaller, conveniently sized gaming surface, yet retaining full performance.  The mini pad is constructed with superior H2Glide cloth, weaved especially to provide a perfect balance between tracking control and speed.

This mouse pad has an aggressive non-slip 100% natural rubber base which stays reliably in place ona ll desktop surfaces.   When we say ALL, it means ALL including slippery tiles at home.  Well, we tested it on our tiles at home and you simply can't move it.

With the CS-S Battle Pad from  Cooler Master you will simply feel that your mouse is gliding and the speed is simply amazing.  100% recommended to all.

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