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Trolli Photo Contest

Enjoy eating gummi candies?  Well, this is your chance to enjoy, have fun, take a photo and win exciting contest from Trolli through their Trolli Fan Club Photo Contest.  You can win Nintendo Wii with Wii Sports, Sony PSP Dexter/Family Guy Entertainment Pack, a Kodak DIgital Photo Frame or tons of Trolli gift packs.

How to join, well first do like the Trolli Fan Club page so that you can share your fun photos and be updated.  Then, read the mechanics below and then submit your fun filled moment with Trolli Gummi Bears.

So as you can see it is not only a liking contest so everyone has a good chance of winning.  Be a fan of TROLLI GUMMI BEARS now and get a chance to win in this exciting and delicious contest.  I think Master Pogi will be joining here too.

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