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Techni-Ice: A Father's Best Friend (A Family's Partner)

I am a single father and most of the time I would be leaving my kids at home.  I have three very lovely children which are still young.  John Dwight loves computer games and Facebook, Helen Cleodara loves fashion, and my youngest, David Jr. loves art and cosplay.  So where does Techni-Ice fit into this scenario?

First, what is Techni-Ice?  According to their official website www.techniice.com.ph, it is presented as as a flat sheet with dehydrated polymer and can be used for heating of cooling purposes. It is portable and convenient to use. From flexibility and versatility, Techni-Ice has a number of feature and benefits that have been proven by many.

Why did I refer to Techni-Ice as a father's best friend?  Well imagine being a single father and your kids having to always worry about keeping their food for school hot or even cold.  With Techni-Ice all a father like me has to do is put a pack of Techni-Ice into their portable lunch boxes.  The good thing about this is Techni-Ice is very handy and can be flexed into whatever sizes and fits even small spaces.

If my kids are alone at home and they want to have a cold juice all they have to do is put the juice into its container and place some Techni-Ice into a place holder and walah... it would stay cold for hours.  The best thing about it is the fact that my kids don't have to worry about the mess because Techni-Ice does not create any excess water like ordinary ice.

Since budget is also tight for a single father like me.  I could use Techni-Ice to save electricity by using the frozen ice packs in the refrigerator to keep it cold and then unplugging its power.  The Techni-Ice sheets will provide the needed cooling effect and you will not even see the difference.

Most importantly, it is also a life saver since Techni-Ice can be used as a flexible cold pack for injuries - to reduce muscle swelling, or heat pack to ease cramps.  My kids can readily use it safely compared to the long and tedious work of using ordinary cold packs.

During weekends, Techni-Ice will again come to a father's rescue since they are more comfortable to use in coolers.  They don't leak water which creates unpleasant problem while carrying the cooler plus it will ensure that the coldness is evenly distributed.  The coldness can last for hours which can assure you not only that the drinks will be cold but also that your food will be safe for your kids.

Here are some ways How to Use Techni-Ice?

The double purpose of Techni-Ice is what amazes me as a single dad and I would be happy to recommend this new product to all dads out there.  It can be your best friend too as I believe from just reading and skimming that it can be my bestfriend specially because I am a single parent.

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