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adboKasya: Your Advocacy, Your Shirt

Do you have an advocacy?  Do you want people to wear it and spread it wherever they go?  Then if your answer is yes to both question then you should try adboKasya.  adboKasya Company is a business founded on the heart and passion of every individual. It supplies customized shirts, apparels and other goods based on the advocacy and beliefs of its customers. It targets to serve the needs of individuals, organizations and companies to express their advocacy and principles through statement shirts, apparels and other merchandise goods.

I have so far purchased two shirts from them.  One is an advocacy promoting contraceptives and I would say it is a very unique shirt which drives the message across.  Although I would also say that not all people would really find the message, "Active but safe" amuzing.  

The other shirt I got was "Teach With Passion."  It is an adboKasya shirt which promotes teaching and education.  The designs, Zabra Yu Siwa one of the owners of the company says comes from those who want the shirts to be printed.  If they like the design they print it and even got friends to model for the shirt.

Price ranges from about more than P180 to about P350.  The price depends on the size and the quality of the shirt.  They also have different price when you buy their Featured Shirt of the Month or you submit your own design.  Plus adboKasya also gives discount for bulk orders.  You can check out the price list HERE.

adboKasya also offer other types of prints which includes rubberized, gamosa, glitter, hologram, metallic and glow in the dark.

Review of the quality of shirt?  Well, why would I write this in the first place if I don't like their shirts.  They have great shirt designs for their Featured Shirt of the Month plus their print is really excellent.  Shirt quality is really good even their Class B shirts.

adboKasya primarily prints on Transfer Papers and use heat press to mount the designs on the shirts. Using this kind of printing doesn't limit them with number of colors per design (unlike on silk screen). They can also print the shirt quickly and unlike silkscreen printing, and can accommodate even single (non-bulk) orders. However, if the customer wants cheaper printing, adboKasya can also provide silk screen printed shirts.

If you want to inquire and get more information about adboKasya you can contact them through the following:

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/adboKasya
Mobile Number: 09228637377
E-mail [email protected].

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