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Rider Footwear: Comfy and Stylish, Perfect for Men and Women

Last February, I won a Rider Footwear for Women courtesy of ELRO Corporation and Tetcha of  Pensive Thoughts' in her Pensive Thoughts' Birthday Blowout.

>> Winners of Pensive Thoughts' Birthday Blowout <<

One of my friends tagged and texted me that I won a footwear.   I immediately check the blog and I found out that I really won through a raffle and the history set forth.

When I already received the Rider Footwear and opened the box, I got amazed.  The first thing I liked about is the color.  Wooohh.. I love yellow and purple.  I like the combination of the colors.  Perfect for my cute feet ^_^

The design is simple but unique.  It is really different from any other style of footwear I saw in malls and market.  

When I tried in my foot, it's very comfy and flexible.   The best thing I like about this footwear is they used 100% recyclable materials and environment-friendly.

Rider offer a much larger variety of sandals for everyday leisure.  It's not just a sandal, it is also about fitting our way of life.

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