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Job Opening: Campaign Officer for the Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances (AFAD)

The Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances is in need of a Campaign Officer.  Please check the details below for description and salary rate.  Interested applicants can send it to the following on or before March 6, 2012.

Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances (AFAD)
Rms. 310-311 Philippine Social Science Center Bldg.,
Commonwealth Ave., Diliman, 1103 Quezon City

Telefax: 00-632-4907862
Mobile: (63)917-792-4058
Website: www.afad-online.org
Kindly forward to those who may be interested to apply.

Position: Campaign Officer

  • The Campaign Officer conceptualizes and coordinates the implementation of AFAD’s campaign and lobby plan vis-à-vis the Federation’s advocacy for truth, justice, redress and the reconstruction of the historical memory of the disappeared.  
  • S/he also takes charge with drafting official statements of AFAD in countries other than the Philippines and takes charge of ensuring the prompt and timely releases of the AFAD publications.
  • S/he helps the AFAD Council members in the different countries in supervising the person responsible for the conceptualization and implementation of national campaign, public information and lobby plan. 

Inherent Functions: 

  1. Conceptualize the comprehensive regional and international campaign and lobby plan in line with the Federation’s mission, vision and goals (in coordination with the Sec. Gen. and the staff members of the International Coalition Against Enforced Disappearances);
  2. Writeofficial AFAD statements for regional and international purposes;
  3. Ensure the timely releases of AFAD’s publications, e.g. The Voice, calendars, primer on the Convention Against Enforced Disappearances and other campaign materials by carrying out all phases of publication work, e.g. conceptualization, issue planning, writing, collection of articles from contributors, initial editing and proofreading, layout, press work, distribution, feedback monitoring and content analysis.
  4. Help the AFAD Council members in countries concerned in supervising the work of the Campaign Staff in the different countries and ensure that campaign and lobby work in different countries are implemented and coordinated towards one direction.
  5. Coordinate closely with the Philippine Project Coordinator and the Nepal Project Coordinator in the implementation of their work on campaign and lobbying.
  6. Follow up the national campaign staff and other personnel in charge in the different Asian countries where AFAD members are located on their prompt submission ofnarrative and financial reports and other partners’ requirements (on AFAD-supported campaign and lobby activities) and incorporate these into a central report. 
  7. Help the AFAD Council members in countries concerned in supervising the work of contractual researchers in charge of conducting special researches as indicated in the project approved by the EvangelischerEntwicklungsdienst (EED)and help ensure that expected outputs are produced and outcomes achieved.
  8. Take charge of AFAD’s social media production and maintenance and supervise the website developer.
  9. Write periodic narrative reports on campaign and lobby work for AFAD’s internal use and for submission to AFAD’s partner/s.
  10. Perform other tasks as mandated by the Secretary-General.


  • Report to the Secretary-General
  • Supervise the Campaign Staff and other persons in charge of campaign and lobby in the different member-organizations of AFAD, including the contractual researches who will conduct special researches.
  • Coordinate with all members of the AFAD Secretariat and AFAD sister-organizations in other regions.

Job Requirements:

  1. Preferably a university graduate. 
  2. At least 2 years of experience in a non-government organizations working on human rights or doing advocacy on other issues. 
  3. With experience in campaign work at the national (and preferably) at the regional and international level
  4. Proficient in oral and written English and preferably with knowledge of other foreign languages. 
  5. Ability to multi-task under minimal supervision.
  6. Ability to work under pressure.
  7. Knowledgeable in all  phases of publication work
  8. Computer literate

Salary and benefits:

  • Probationary rate for at least, three months and at most five months with basic benefits:  PHP 30.000
  • Regular rate: PHP 35,000.00 with basic benefits  

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