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Clavel Sneaker Magazines: Shoes + Style + Beauty

I have the honor to know CLAVEL Sneaker Magazine during Pinoy Otaku Encore 2011 at SM Megatrade Hall 3 last November 26-27, 2011.  CLAVEL stands for Consider Living A Very Exclusive Lifestyle.  It features various shoes and well that is why it is tagged as "Sneaker Magazine"

CLAVEL is a one of a kind Philippine publication that has a niche demographic, with a focus on high-end street wear and high-end sneakers. This magazine's market is 13-45 years of age, 60% Male – 40% Female, who aspire to have an exclusive lifestyle, or people who already live a very exclusive one.

The sneaker  subculture has emerged in the Philippines already and with the seen improvement of the sneaker and street wear market in the Philippines, the demand for a magazine that features anything and everything about sneakers and street wear fashion cannot be taken for granted anymore.  CLAVEL Sneaker Magazine is seen as an answer to that need.

The Magazine which I have the privilege to see a number of copies including back issues in 2009 has very colorful pages, refreshing layout, exciting insights and impressive street wear fashion and sneaker features.  It also features the ins and outs of the street wear and sneaker world for all who want to know.

CLAVEL SNEAker Magazine Issue 8 for 2011 features Monique Manuel with Reebok Pump Fury.  This is the feature of the magazine which in someway makes it a magazine for the more mature audience.  It has a sexy style of presenting the shoes.  Issue 8 for 2011 also features some tips on how to blend your clothing and style with your sneakers.


ADDED to the style of every CLAVEL Sneaker Magazine are features from events which they had been a partner of.  In fact this is one of the magazines which is really into popular culture including hip hop, punk and even cosplay.

Sneakers and your fashion

CLAVEL Sneaker Magazine had been running since December 2008 and the magazine is available in the Philippines nationwide in all NATIONAL BOOKSTORES, FULLY BOOKED, POWER BOOKS, and major news stand outlets and distributors.

CLAVEL Sneaker Magazine laos features events

You can check them out as well at their official website www.msclavel.com and Facebook page www.facebook.com/clavelmagazine.  The aim of the publishers is to make CLAVEL Sneaker Magazine digitally available worldwide.

Happy reading and get your latest copy of CLAVEL Sneaker Magazine now!

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