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Buyanihan for Cagayan and Iligan! Your Php 50 gift to victims of Typhoon Sendong

I know that in this blog we usually feature products, services and contests but today we will be featuring a different type of product which YOU CAN BUY AND HELP THE VICTIMS OF SENDONG IN CAGAYAN AND ILIGAN.

Close to a thousand people had been killed in Cagayan and Iligan.  Typhoon Sendong had been dubbed as one of the worst disasters to struct the southern part of the Philippines.  Your help is pretty much needed during these difficult times.  One way to help is through BUYanihan.

BUYanihan is spearheading an initiative to help direct help towards the areas affected – Cagayan and Iligan.  Through this initiative you can help in three ways:
  1. Avail the BUYanihan deal for only P50! Proceeds of every purchase will be remitted to the Philippine National Red Cross.
  2. Bring your donations in-kind (food, clothes, blankets, towels,etc.) personally to Buyanihan Head Office.
  3. Donate through SMS/GCASH starting from P5 to P1000. 
 Here is a link to information about the campaign - http://www.buyanihan.com/deals/?cid=19&id=111220110122

Basically, concerned individuals may donate via the site. Proceeds will go to Philippine National Red Cross.

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