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Schick Quattro Pro Review

Being a cosplayer and someone who always have hairs on his face that grows fast sometimes is a burden specially when you need to style it.  Before, I used disposable shaves and for every disposable shave I will be able to use it for at least 3-4 times. My perspective on shaving changed when I got the chance to use Schick Quattro Pro.

Schick Quattro Pro is a premium shaver which comes with an electronic trimmer as well.  Although, I have not tried out the trimmer, I have maximized the use of the shaver.  This is in fact the first time that I was able to use one cartridge for more than 3 months.

Shaver cartridges usually gets unusable after 5 times maximum but with Schick Quattro Pro you can use it as long as you are properly caring for the blades.  The blades do remain sharp even at present I am using it for more than 3 months.

Styling your beard and mustache is also the forte of Schick Quattro Pro.  In fact the reason why I got to try this is because I won in a Schick Stylish contest way back early this year.  I used my Hachibi Cosplay photo which was styled also using the ordinary Schick shavers.

Hachibi stled shaving using ordinary Schick shaver
Schick Quatro Pro syled shaved for Stone Cold Steve Austin
Clean shave courtesy of Schick Quatro Pro for Mr. Incredible cosplay

I highly recommend Schick Quattro Pro to everyone who wants a clean shave and for those who wants it to be stylish.  A set of blades which comes in 4 costs around P400.00 and I think it also comes with the shaver itself. This is very affordable considering the quality.

Nest time you do shave, do consider Schick Quattro Pro... and mind you THIS IS NOT A PAID POST.

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