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Norton 360 Version 5.0 review and personal trial begins today

Today I install Norton 360 Version 5.0 1-year license and also today will be the start of my Norton 360 Version 5.0 review and personal trial.  I got the anti-virus from a raffle during the Bloggerfest Manila 2011 last month.  I was in fact hesitant to install Norton 360 because Norton had been famous for slowing down computers to the point that you would get bored waiting for it.  Now, we will see how Norton improved in their latest version release.

The installation of Norton 360 Version 5.0 was fast and it automatically downloaded file updates.  Activation and registration of the product only took less than 2 minutes.

Norton 360 version 5.0 comes with 4 methods of protection.  (1) PC Security which protects you from web browsing and e-mail, (2) Identity Protection which is supposed to protect you from engaging in online e-commerce, (3) Backup which protects your computer from file loss, and (4) PC Tune up which tunes up your computers performance.

The new Norton 360 Version 5.0 protects users against:

  •  Sluggish computer performance
  • Loss of photos and important files
  • Online identity theft
  • Cybercriminals
  • Dangerous downloads
  • Infected websites
  • Phishing
  • Viruses
  • Spyware
  • Spam
Version 5.0 also includes Parental Controls Management which will keep a watchful eye on your kids internet use.

This is the first time that I would be using Norton Anti-virus once again after about 10 years, so I will be watchful on how Norton improved on their own sluggish performance in the fast.

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  1. I like this.  When Norton is ready to expire you have a pop-up telling you how many days you have left.  Then they give you the option to renew by hitting the renew now button.  This sends me to the Norton renewal page where I am told that as a local client I am being offered an express renewal for 69.99  WOW what a deal.  But if I simply go to Nortoin direct I can purchase the same package for $49.99

    They call this loyalty?  I call it a very deceptive way to operate a business....really....I would spend $20 more as a loyal client but the guy off the street gets it for $49.99???

    It shows me the arrogance they have for their existing client base.

    Next time I will be buying macafee...unless they too play the same game.