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Hewlett Packard (HP) gave defective flash drives

Ever wonder why there were so many 2Gb HP flash drives that were given away as prizes? Well now we know exactly the reason. Most of these flash drives have factory defects. Once the file/s you are saving are more than 10Mb the file will have an error.

A movie for example that we save was cut down to only 23 minutes from the actual 1 hours and 53 minutes. The file was 0.99Gb and the same file on the HP flash drive is also 0.99Gb however when the movie is played it does not contain the full file.

The error is not limited to movies but also to photos, mp3 files and other file types.

A piece of advice to Hewlett Packard and other companies giving away items, please make sure that these item works and are not from your trash bins.

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