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Winila:Spend Small, Win Big

In a time where money is of the essence people look for discounts and the best way to save their money. This is where Winila.com can be very useful. It is an online shopping site that offers various products. What is unique with Winila is the fact that the shopping experience comes in an auction model in which you can save up to 95%.

The bidding at Winila.com usually places the price of the item at more tan 50% discount. With each new bid the price of the item on which you are bidding will increase by the amount specified. Each new Bid adds 15 seconds to the auction and once the auction time goes below 20 seconds it will never go over 20 seconds. The auction ends when the auction clock reaches zero and of course the final bidder who is also the highest bidder will get the item.

Winila.com also gives importance to those that did not win the bid. This, with the "Buy It Now functionality" you can purchase the product for a discount equal to the value of the bids you put towards that auction.

So win or loose your bid will definitely mean huge savings. What's the worst you can get? Well, that is getting the item for its retail price which is still not bad.

So how can you join Winila.com?

Joining the site consist of three simple steps.
  1. Register for free through Facebook connect or the normal registration process. You must be over the age of 18.
  2. If you want to participate in the auctions select a bid package. Each bid costs PHP 10, $0.50, or €0.50. Winila.com's bid packages vary between 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 bids.
  3. Start bidding, enjoy shopping and get your favorite items.
Winila.com also gives greta customer satisfaction by giving FREE Shipping and 365-Day Return Policy on all Winila products.

If you like Winila.com then I am sure you will also like their affiliate site WinilaCity.com.

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