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The Internet and Television revolution had just began with the Samsung Smart TV

Years ago, it was the personal computer which had become a television set and way back that time manufacturers fear that TV sets will be made obsolete. Today, we are seeing the reverse of this revolution for it is now the CRT and personal computer which might be at threat with the innovation of internet and television. Samsung Smart TV introduces the latest convergence of internet and television. That's not all for through this both worlds can finally be seamlessly bounded together.

It had been a burden to actually surf the internet and write blogs while watching television. At home I have to compete with the time on the computer against telenovelas which my wife, Mei enjoys watching. To settle things, I have to watch all the telenovelas until the news is over and then that is when I can start blogging and writing. Another way to do it, is to actually lessen the size of the television program and then do your thing on the net but it is hard to really see the show.

Although at home it seems television and the computer are converged, in reality they are two separate programs without any link... but this will change with the Samsung Smart TV. I have not tested the unit nor have I attended its launching but it offers great things which I would love to do and then write about it on my blogs and share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Samsung Smart TV provides integration that was not possible before. Imagine watching a TV show and then all of a sudden you were amazed by that particular scene. How would you share it with your friends online? The old way is to grab a laptop or be at a computer and then talk about it but would it be better if right after that scene or during that show you can share it with others and even invite them to check out the show as well? This is perfectly possible with the Samsung Smart TV.

Gone are the days where you have to skip your favorite TV show in order to talk to someone on Skype or do your homework in a separate computer or laptop. The revolutionary way now is to do it while watching TV. Through this you will be able to do a multitude of task and never sacrifice anything. You can do homework and research online, while you are still enjoying your favorite show.

That's not all. What if, all of a sudden you want to find more information about the content or a specific item of a certain show, what would you do? Do a research afterwards? Google it? Well, through the Samsung Smart TV you can do it right in front of your television set and share the information with the rest of the people watching with you.

So what if you can do that? Does it make this TV different? Well, the truth is Samsung Smart TV is way different. Beside the above features it is also has a wide and crisp display of a Samsung 3D-compatible screen with the first-ever 3D sound system. Plus, the unit comes in a sleek and ultra-slim design with an amazing touch-screen remote control.

One of their latest model is the 55" Class (54.6" Diag.) LED 8000 Series Smart TV which comes with the following:
  • Smart TV featuring Web-Connected Samsung Apps & Web Browser
  • Captivating 2D & 3D in Full HD 1080p
  • Ultra-Slim Bezel creates a Virtually Edgeless Picture
  • Stunningly Vibrant LED Picture Quality with Micro Dimming Plus & Real 240Hz
If you are not yet convinced with WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH A SAMSUNG SMART TV, then check this Samsung Smart TV demo video.

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