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FREE TRAINING: PeaceTech's Peace Through Technology Training Program

Want to know more about peace? Want to meet other people? Want to get acquainted with people from Mindanao and Manila and also know more about religion and culture? Then now is your chance to join PeaceTech's "Peace Through Technology Training Program."

Here is a video of what the previous training will empower you with...

Now, what is exactly the "Peace Through Technology Training Program" of PeaceTech?

Twenty young leaders will be selected to participate in each series.

Our trainings provide participants with skills and theory in the following areas: Facilitation and Peace Building; Information and Communications Technology (ICT); ICT as a tool for building understanding between people from different backgrounds ; and Project management.

For the 2nd and 3rd series of this training, we are looking for dynamic young advocates from Metro Manila in the fields of peace building; Information and Communications Technology (ICT); social entrepreneurship; and sustainable development.

This program offers you an opportunity to work alongside young leaders who are committed to change and who are dedicated to being that change!

Visit http://www.bit.ly/peacetraining to download the application form.

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  1. New Product Stimulates
    National Pride in Support of World Peace

    New Global Peace Symbol Seen
    as the ‘Must Have’ of Today

    MEYOTO:  The New Calling Card for World Peace


    MEYOTO (abbreviation for “ME and YOu TOgether”) is
    inspiring people from around the globe with their custom art design of a
    national flag waving within the universal symbol of peace.   You can choose a national flag representing
    your heritage, the country you live in or a country that you support.  With MEYOTO, you can proudly display the
    colors of your national flag while boldly expressing your view on world peace. 
    “Show your colors.  Speak your
    mind.” is the company mantra.


    MEYOTO is a new kind of ‘calling
    card’ for people to reach out and say who they are.  This instant identity tells others that you
    share their support of world peace and helps establish immediate connections
    between people who might otherwise have remained strangers.  As Brad Drew stated, “I display my MEYOTOs on
    my car and on the top of my laptop.  When
    people see them, they will give a sign of support and some will introduce
    themselves and initiate conversations. 
    It’s really amazing to see the power that a MEYOTO has in drawing people
    together.  I do feel proud because I’m honoring
    my country and I’m working for global peace 24/7 without lifting a finger!”


    MEYOTO is building a movement that
    has never been seen before-- a‘visual
    movement’ that people around the world can participate in.  People will build a network of global support
    as one MEYOTO connects to the next one. 
    Together they can lead the leaders to a better way of life for
    themselves, their children and the children of future generations.  A ‘visual
    voice’ may produce the most powerful movement of all.


    MEYOTO auto/fridge magnets,
    stickers and window clings can be purchased at specialty stores or on-line at
    MEYOTO.com. You can also order personal items and clothing to display your
    particular MEYOTO  through MEYOTO.com.  There are over 100 flags to choose
    representing countries from all continents across the world.  So, you can collect MEYOTOs and display the
    ones you choose on any particular day!


    more information, go to MEYOTO.com.