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Win Tsuna's Jacket from Hitman Reborn

Anime fans and Otakus will be delighted to know that Animeniacz's Online Store, one of the coolest online stores for anime had just launched their own Facebook contest, Animeniacz's Strike a Pose and Win a Prize Contest. This month they will be giving away the Blue #27 jacket of Tsuna in HITMAN REBORN which is worth P1,200.

What to do? Well just like Animeniacz's Strike a Pose & Win a Prize Contest Facebook page, upload a photo in your Facebook wall, tag the page and remember the following:

If you are a cosplayer

- Your name
- Your cosplayed character
- The series/game/movie it is from
- Why you love anime

If you are a general ANIME LOVER

- Your name
- Name of the event or place the photo was taken
- Favorite anime
- Why you love anime
- Your hobby (collector, anime fan, photographer, etc.)

For the full mechanics of Animeniacz's Strike a Pose & Win a Prize Contest JUST CLICK HERE.

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