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Kanin Club's Crispy Dinuguan Review

Yesterday before going home from work at PeaceTech, Jan Ong invited me for dinner at one of TechnoHub's favorite food stop, Kanin Club. It was rumored that if you are working at TechnoHub you should not miss Kanin Club and their Crispy Dinuguan. Well, I really wonder why the first time Jan invited me to take a taste test of this rumored good food.

Crispy Dinuguan was quite pricey. One order costs around P200 but they say it is good for 3 people. You can order plain rice at P26 per order, that is quite pricey too at first. It will take about 10-15 minutes before your order will be delivered to you. They will first serve water and drinks contained in large glasses.

When the order arrives the rice was good for 3 people already or perhaps that is because I do not use to eat too much rice anymore. After the Crispy Dinuguan was served, we immediately started eating it and well to my surprise.... THIS IS THE BEST DINUGUAN I EVER TASTED!

Although, I would be honest that you will feel like you are earing chicharon and not really dinuguan. The feeling of eating dinuguan is assured by the fact that you have the cooked blood as your sauce. the taste was superb and very crunchy indeed.

I will give this food a rating of 9/10. I have also heard that there are lots of other good food at Kanin Club and I will try them next time.

So, in conclusion I do agree that if you will visit UP-Ayala Land Technohub here at Commonwealth Ave. then don't forget to come and visit Kanin Club and try Crispy Dinuguan.

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