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Subscribe, Vote, and Win Prizes in My YouTube Contest

If you're a YouTube fanatacis and you want to browse, listen, comment and subscribe to videos then here is your chance to actually win prizes while doing that. YouTube has come up with MyYouTube contest and there are tons of exciting prizes per artist and you can win them by earning points.

Justin Bieber for example will be giving away his new book personally autographed by him plus a prize pack to five fans who score points.

All you have to do is vote for any of the participating artists and in order to do that you can do 3 things...

  1. you can subscribe to their YouTube channel
  2. you can subscribe to one or more of the channels they recommend
  3. you can tell your Facebook and Twitter friends to come subscribe.

As soon as you score a point you become eligible to win one of the 5 prizes that each participating artist is giving out. Click on 'view artist prizes' to see what each artist is giving out.

Here are some prizes that some artists are giving out:

  • Adam Lambert - signed poster plus CD
  • Alysa Bernal - signe fanny pack plus signed postcard plus signed poster plus signed EP
  • Soulja Boy - signed CD
  • John Legend - signed poster plus copy of New CD plus "Wake Up"
  • Rihanna - couture edition of "Loud"
  • Selena Gomez - 2 tickets to see Selena Gomez live in concert in 2011

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