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The KOI Restaurant at Thunderbird Resorts: Good Food Means Good Taste

KOI Restaurant is the main restaurant at Thunderbird Resorts Rizal. It serves food from breakfast, lunch to dinner and even in between meals. My first experience here was during the breakfast on the second day of our Blogger's Tour and I was really very satisfied with the food. The taste was really perfect and you will really appreciate every bit of food that you taste.

I also tried their two kinds of coffee. One coffee is called the "cullinary blend" coffee which tastes like a very strong coffee. Another one is their Brewed Coffee which I thought was less strong. However, the fact is their brewed coffee is stronger. I feel kinda hyper during the morning.

In the evening we get a chance to once again eat at Koi Restaurant and I ordered a Thai dish. The taste really has a very distinctive taste which you can really appreciate while eating.

There are lots of food that was prepared and I would like to share the video post of Azrael's Merryland about this. Azrael is part of the blogger's tour as well.

So if you will visit Thunderbird Resorts Rizal do not ever forget to visit Koi Restaurant.

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  1. ito na yun!!!amp, yung video na nakapost is yung wala pa kami ni Chyng---hahaha. I love Koi restaurant. I love thunderbird!~!!!!